Improved Muscle Pliability Lowers Risk of Injury

and Accelerates Post-Injury Recovery

Muscle imbalances are caused by physical trauma, surgery, poor posture, repetitive stress or inflammation.  As a muscle shortens, it loses its pliability, becomes restricted and function is impaired. This phenomenon leads to poor body mechanics, increased joint stress and eventually causes pain and even injury.

At 360° Bodyworks, Jim Busconi focuses on increasing the pliability of critical muscle groups through proprietary, manual tissue mobilization techniques. His application of sustained, firm pressure, in a methodical and controlled modality, softens and lengthens adhesions, scar tissue, and reduces restrictions within muscle groups. Pliable muscles are softer, longer and capable of full activation and function. Healthy muscles insulate the body against injury, improve range of motion, flexibility and enhance performance.

Ready to discover a proven method for pain-relief and long-term performance improvement?